Digital Panel Meter

MAXTHERMO Model : MD -N2638

Features :

  • Available for temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, ampere, voltage indicator.
  • Muti input R, S, B, K, E, T, J, W, N, Pt100, Cu50 and linear analogue 4-20mA,
  • 0-5V, 0-20mV, 0-50mV etc. can be selected by user.
  • With maximum 4 alarms which can be set as low/low, low, high, high/high alarm.
  • 0.8″ LED display makes clear reading.
  • With 3 decimal for analogue input which is most suitable to use in precision equipment.
  • Display for over range and below range.

Digital Indicator

Model : SDM 5700


  • Multifuncitional Digital indicator
  • Universal input & full scale range
  • Individual 2 point alarm (Max 4 point alarm)
  • PV display by communication
  • RS485 interface (Modbus ASCII)
  • Sensor Power supply (17Vdc, Max 200mA)
  • Retransmission output (PV)
  • High brightness display FND
  • PV peak hold
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